Do we choose our beliefs, our dreams or our looks? Is it all truth? Is it a half-truth at least? Or is it all an illusion and one day we'll wake up and feel empty inside?

Our brains are saturated with messages, labels and made up stories. We have an access to an enormous source of information, yet we settle for what makes us feel comfortable. We become just a projection of the script written by the modern society.

But what if we wash out all the preconceived ideas and follow our own path? What if we let the others do the same thing? Just what if?

Brainwash is a video work that combines a repetition of simple frames in order to transmit a systematic and continuous social, political and media influence on us. The audio reinforces the concept by putting together the sounds, music and words as an everyday noise we are surrounded by.

The real social and political changes start with our integrity and authenticity as individuals.
Art can be a Catalyst, with an upper-case C.

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